張志豪 Jony C.

At the age of 6, Jony C a.k.a. Jonathan Cheung, started piano lessons and singing in children's choir. Perhaps it was his parents' push for him to learn music, or his vivid memory of his father coaching him to sing the song "Jesus loves me" the night before his first singing competition, ignited his interest in music. Over the years, he learned other instruments such as clarinet, percussion, saxophone, guitar, and bass. He liked performing different kinds of music with various groups including jazz band, symphony, punk rock band, etc. However, he did not think much about music as his profession.

In 1999, he moved to the States to further his studies in computer science. Living in the Silicon Valley, hanging out with aspiring engineers from school and church, Jony believed he was ready to have a career in the computer industry and to keep music as a hobby.

After graduating from Wilcox High School, he attended Foothill College. He took many music classes as electives. In one of the music classes, he met a Japanese musician, who was furthering his music studies in the States. He invited Jony to be a pianist in his band. The band recorded a demo CD entirely in a concert hall using a desktop PC (for you geeks, it was a PC using Sonar XL/ Delta 44 /SM58s) In the process, Jony learned a great deal more about digital recording technology, and realized that the mesh of arts and technology would become his new passion. He applied to UCSD's ICAM (multimedia arts major) program and graduated with a BA degree emphasizing in computer music in 2004.